Bryan Tuk Appears on Building the Future

You can view Bryan’s recent appearance on Kevin Horek’s web series, Building the Future. This was a wide ranging conversation on the state of the legal practice, copyright and trademark law, startup issues and Bryan’s recent book: risk, create, change: a survival guide for startups & creators.

Building the Future also airs on terrestrial radio in Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Virginia, Washington, D.C., Detroit, Philadelphia, New York, Kentucky, New Mexico, Minnesota, Colorado, North Carolina, San Diego, San Antonio, Australia, United Kingdom, and the Caribbean.

BT on The Quinn Spinn!

The good people at The Quinn Spinn invited me to sit is an a guest to talk about risk, create, change, and what it means for entrepreneurs and creators.  I was really very impressed with the studio and the energy and love - yes love - that Gerard and John put into the podcasts and internet radio shows that they produce in Bethlehem.  Hope you enjoy the show!