Ownership of Your Work Matters; The Book of Prince

Ownership of Your Work Matters; The Book of Prince

Ownership is a thing I have preached for years now to my creator clients. Once you give away ownership of your creative work - whether it’s a script, a book manuscript, photographs, or music - then you have lost control. When you are a creator, who is likely a freelancer of a solopreneur, control and ownership are your two most important concepts.

There is a terrific article in the New Yorker about Prince (The Book of Prince by Dan Piepenbring), and this was something that Prince understood incredibly well.

The Talk That Started It All....

The Talk That Started It All....

If you haven’t seen this, allow me to show you what turned out to be a transformative experience for me that launched the book, my solo law practice (Tuk Law Offices), a multi-day music festival (the now dormant Allentown JazzFest), a very good musical adventure (The Bryan Tuk Complex), four recording projects (Liftoff, Life in High Gravity, and two you don’t know about yet!) , a teaching studio (grooveKSQ), and a podcast (CRE8Rconfidential). Whew. 2014 was the beginning of a extremely fertile time for creative projects that is still running full throttle.

Five years ago, I gave a TEDx talk. At the time, in 2014, it presented a unique challenge. Up to that point, I usually presented information to groups of people in two ways: 1) I usually spoke from prepared notes, or 2) completely extemporaneously with some idea of the theme, and then some improvisation on the expansion of those themes. Here’s the catch: neither of the scenarios would be memorialized in the way that the TEDx talk would be, where people would view it years later.

Who this book is for....

People ask me who I wrote this book for.  It’s really pretty simple. I wrote it for everyone who feels anxious on Sunday afternoon or feels sick on Sunday night. Because they don’t want to go into work on Monday morning.  

I know who you are, because I was there until I got myself free.  You can do it too with a little help.

This book won’t make you a millionaire, but you can use it to become your own boss, and become independent.

Are you ready?