Regrets? I've Had a Few....

This morning I stumbled across an interesting article that quoted a British study of 2,000 respondents regarding the macro issue of how they have lived their lives to date. The key takeaway from the article was that 40% of respondents, or approximately 800 of 2,000, regretted that they worked too much in their prior years.

Now here is a disclaimer: I haven’t read the source material for this article, so I’m relying on the author’s representation of the findings. Assuming for a moment that the conclusion is correct - 4 out of 10 people surveyed regret working too much - then that spurs a few questions:

  • What career did they choose, or did the career choose them?

  • What aspirations did those people have when they were young that they didn’t follow through on professionally?

  • What obstacles did those 40% of respondents allow to control their professional lives?

What I do know is that the freedom that being an entrepreneur offers, in terms of controlling your own time, controlling your own schedule, would prevent the largest regret that most people have.


Here’s how: When you are working for yourself, with no limit on the amount of success you may experience, it doesn’t feel like work anymore. This was really the biggest surprise to me when I opened my own businesses.