One of the themes that I hear over and over again from my startup clients is that there are a mountain of tasks to complete and time management is an issue.  This mountain of tasks is often comprised of matters that are unrelated to their mission.  What’s their mission?  That’s easy - making the product or delivering the service that is the core of their business.  

In other words, let’s say you are launching a craft beer business.  You would want to develop the most interesting and delicious recipes you are capable of creating.  You would develop and refine those recipes by brewing them, and testing them out with your friends and family and other craft brew aficionados.   You would take their feedback to adjust the recipes, and then try again until you have perfected it.

As a small business/startup owner, that is only a fraction of your reality.  There is branding.  There is marketing.  There is distribution to figure out.  There are regulatory issues to handle.   This list goes on an on.

Before you know it, the fraction of your time that is devoted to brewing the best IPA you can brew shrinks to a minimal amount of your time.  This is a problem.  

When confronting this scenario, I tell my startup clients that your best hope for success is an acronym.  JBA.  

Just Be Awesome.  

First and foremost, your product or service has to be undeniably great to gain traction in a saturated marketplace.  You must produce work of incredible quality first, above everything else.  Any other consideration is secondary.  

If the product is undeniably great, it makes all of your other tasks a bit easier.  

Prioritize your time to focus on developing a great product or service, then we can worry about everything else.