The Creator Sessions Return September 19th!

After taking a short break for the summer, The Creator Sessions resume on September 19th in Bethlehem at The Banana Factory Arts & Education Center.  

What are The Creator Sessions?  The Creator Sessions are live educational events designed to teach artists, creators and startups to get their businesses on track and minimize their legal exposure while doing so. 

Here's what we have coming up on the schedule:

September 19th: Copyright Law for Creators

The key to a successful creative business in any discipline - film, writing, music, visual arts - is the ability to protect and control your intellectual property. This one hour session, hosted by Attorney Bryan Tuk, covers the basics of US Copyright Law, the ins and outs of licensing your copyrighted material to clients, and the legal risks that social media presents to your copyrighted material.

October 17th: Startup Bootcamp for Creators

In this one-hour session, hosted by Attorney Bryan Tuk, small business owners and creators can learn what steps they should take to protect their assets, organize their business and limit their liability when entering into business transactions. If you are a freelancer and/or creator, this session is for you! 

November 14th: Film Finance Workshop

Financing a film is the key to getting your project off the ground.  However, there are significant risks for the filmmaker and producer in terms of proper disclosure to investors and documentation.  While we will touch on crowdfunding briefly, the focus of this session is talking about the legalities of accepting investor money to fund a film project.  

December 19th: Crowdfunding the Arts

The internet has democratized many things, and websites like Kickstarter, Indiegogo and Patreon have presented creators with new and easy to use methods of aggregating donors and contributors.  In this one hour session, we will explore how these websites have impacted the production of creative properties.