Father’s Day, Teambuilding and Relationships

Father’s Day always has a lot of meaning.  Our dads may still be with us, or maybe they have gone, but this day does hit everyone in a significant way.  

I have found in my travels that the Dad role is many times played by someone nontraditional.  Big brothers.  Uncles.  Stepdads.  Godfathers.  Family friends.  Single moms.  Teachers.  Coaches.  Life certainly isn’t always easy.  Not everyone has the traditional nuclear family.    Circumstance gives and circumstance takes away.  The important thing is that someone responsible is there to do as good a job as they can, to help bring the younger people up right.   

Growing your business can be like that too.  This is especially true for younger entrepreneurs and startups that may have great ideas but little real world experience.  There’s a whole chapter in the book about the importance of choosing and surrounding yourself with the right team.  It cannot be overstated.  

No matter how smart or driven you are, each person only has so much bandwidth.  When that bandwidth is consumed, that renders it impossible to attract new business, expand services, or break into new geographical territory.  From a personal standpoint, that’s when the risk of burnout becomes the highest - when the founder is working at 110% capacity for weeks and months on end.  There was a year during the startup period of the law practice where I worked straight through from New Years’ Day into early May without a day off.  Seven days a week for four months straight.  It was an experience I do not care to repeat.  It is something I do not advise for you, either. 

Look around in your professional circles for people who may be interested in serving in a formal or informal advisory role for your startup or your project.  Harnessing the expertise of others can often make the difference between scaling up or being stagnant.  You don’t have to do everything solo. 

For all the dads out there, both traditional and non traditional, Happy Father’s Day.  It is one of the most important jobs around.