What is risk, create, change really about?


There were many compelling reasons to write this book.  Social innovation and entrepreneurship are hard.  Even with the best intentions, building an organization with scarce financial resources is not always feasible, no matter how noble the idea may be.  You have to be part politician, part salesperson, part educator and part evangelist. 

Starting a nonprofit – or running an existing nonprofit – is very tough.  There are many constituencies to manage, funds to raise, and audience and donor base to build, branding, marketing, budgeting, board development, the list is endless.  You have to wear many hats, wear them all well, and make it look effortless.  (This reminds me of the old saying. To paraphrase: an apprentice can do difficult things, but a master does difficult things and makes them look easy).

Building a successful career in the creative industries is very tough. It’s certainly not for the timid.  Financial stability may be elusive. You will experience rejection at seemingly every turn. You may have more “traditional” alternative careers available to you.  Societal norms that others believe in can create family or peer expectations from those close to you that don’t “get” what you are all about. 

 In all three of those categories: Social Innovators/Entrepreneurs, Creators, and Nonprofit Organization leaders, there are myriad forces aligned against you to slow you down or thwart you from achieving your objectives.  My goal is to help you navigate around or through those obstacles and create the life you want for yourself. 

-Bryan Tuk